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Our staff is led by a former Delaware Assistant Secretary of State. An integral part of this position is to oversee the Division of Corporations. Our president, Jeff Lewis, effectively managed this division, spearheaded international expansion in Delaware, and assisted in moving the Limited Liability Act through the Delaware General Assembly.

Why Incorporate in Delaware?

The State of Delaware has created a pro-business environment with the most forward-thinking, favorable laws for business entities. The state's proactive approach allows business decision makers to make viable plans. The service-oriented Secretary of State office also helps expedite filings, accepts fax filings and permits remote access to the database by Corporations USA. All of these are reasons why Delaware is America's corporate address with nearly 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies organized under the general corporation laws of Delaware.

Why Consider Corporations USA?

We believe in doing business personally without using phone trees or similar communication methods. At Corporations USA your call is answered immediately - effective communication is our number one goal. We strive to meet your requests according to your requirements. To us service is paramount.

  • Annual Representation Fee: $55
  • Certificate of Incorporation: $75 (document preparation fee)
  • Limited Liability Company: $75 (document preparation fee)
  • Good Standing Certificates and Certified Copies: $75
  • Corporate Kits: $100
  • Mail Forwarding/NOT AVAILABLE

All major credit cards accepted.

Business Hours:   Monday - Friday 10 AM to 6 PM
Call Toll Free:   1-866-356-CUSA (2872)
Email:   corpusa@comcast.net
Address:   341 Raven Circle
Kent County
Wyoming, DE 19934
Url:   http://www.corporationsusa.com

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